Melbourne by myself! Part 1


After taking our two grandchildren home to Melbourne I spent a few days with them at their home and then I went to Melbourne to spend a couple of days in the city.  I had booked in to a hotel for a night and so I had two days in Melbourne, all by myself.

I am usually in Melbourne with my husband so this time I went to those things that would not be of interest to him.  While there I visited the Melbourne Cricket Ground, known worldwide as the MCG.

MCGThose are the outdoor cricket nets in front of the stadium.

I have only been there once before as a spectator at an Australian Rules Football match, this time I did the guided tour and visited the National Sports Museum.

Melbourne considers itself to be the sporting capital of the world and after having spent two days there while the Australian Open Tennis Tournament was on I could only agree.

Outside courts at the Australian Open.

Sporting facilities are so easy to access from the city and travel by foot is certainly not out of the question.  I did all my travel by foot and I am no spring chicken!

I took many photos of the MCG and was delighted that there were security photos for an impending cricket match visible for us on our tour. Just click on the photo to enlarge it.

The facility is amazing and we were able to access the Long Room and view the associated memorabilia.

Dress regulations for membersIt is a wonderful place to visit and well worth doing the guided tour. I also visited the National Sports Museum and spent three hours there.  More about that in my next post.

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  1. Hello brave girl, staying in that BIG city all on your own… fantastic, good for you! Yes, I remember we “did” the tour of the MCG not on match day, and thoroughly enjoying nosing around behind the scenes. Both my Ozzie nephews play cricket, they naturally love the whole play and especially the camaraderie. When they were over visiting in the summer, here in the UK my husband took them to Headlingly (Leeds) to watch a match, they enjoyed it so much they went back the next day for the next match… stopped on the way home for Fish ‘n’ Chips… one of those special moments in life that will always be there to remember and smile about.
    Pleased to have you back blogging, by the way, have missed you!
    Jay x

    1. suth2 says:

      Hi Jay, So nice to hear from you. It is good to get back to blogging again after a break but I did enjoy my holiday with the family and all the Christmas, New Year celebrations. I hope you had a good Christmas too. I didn’t realise you had family here in Australia. Your nephews would certainly have created fond memories at Headingly. As you say, something they will look back on and remember with a smile. Heather

  2. Winter Owls says:

    You lucky thing, having days to look at and spend time doing all the things your husband isn’t interested in!

    1. suth2 says:

      I must admit that the shopping was also a big part of my two days, in fact that was really all I did on the first day!.

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