We are experiencing technical difficulties! Read the manual.

overlockerI have been the proud owner of an overlocker for six years now and sewing is now a great deal easier.  I was given the overlocker as a gift from my children.  I do have incredibly loving and thoughtful children.

The overlocker was a bit daunting at first but after a couple of lessons from the owners of the shop where the overlocker was purchased I was good to go.  I have used the machine many times and it was only recently that I had a problem.

I was sewing and some material got caught between the needle and the throat plate.  I tried to remove it but only succeeded in bending the needle.  Well that was the beginning of my woes.  Those of you who sew will know that a machine doesn’t work if the needle is bent so a needle replacement was necessary.  I am embarrassed to say that in the six years I have owned the overlocker I haven’t changed the needles.  Apparently they should be changed after a particular number of hours of sewing.  I will need to remember that in future.

My woes increased as I was taking out the first needle I dropped it and it fell into the innards of the overlocker.  After many attempts to locate the needle I gave up.  There was no way to find it.  I even asked my husband to have a go and he got out a special tool with a magnet on the end and that didn’t work either.  I decided to work on the premise that the needle would have dropped to the bottom of the machine and I tentatively turned the wheel to see if the mechanism rotated ok and it did.

I then had to insert the new needles and I thought I ought to look at the manual before doing so.  You should read your manual before you attempt things on your overlocker. 🙂

I hadn’t read the manual carefully and I would have saved myself a lot of trouble if I had read the manual.

inside coverThere is a little gadget on the inside of the cover of the overlocker and I thought it was just a needle threader but it is much more than that.  It is a gadget that holds the needle in the correct way so you can insert it without dropping it into your machine!

needle holder and threader

Now why didn’t I know that!

how to use the holder

I was able to insert the needle and thread the overlocker without too much difficulty once I had read the manual. I discovered that there was a lever I could press that made the threading of the underlooper much easier.  I had struggled with this previously and now it is so much easier to thread.  I feel totally confident now in threading the overlocker.  It is a great machine and I will make sure I change the needles regularly in future.

Do you always read the manual thoroughly before you operate a new machine?


6 thoughts on “We are experiencing technical difficulties! Read the manual.

  1. I also discovered you are supposed to get them serviced once a year. That was when I was making my big dress and it started to chew the fabric.

  2. It looks a most complicated contraption. Sewing machines are a great mystery to me. I remember learning to thread one at school and being amazed by the intricacies of the process. I don’t always read the manual (particularly these days when you often don’t get one – my smartphone and camera both came sans manuals, which amazed and somewhat discomfited me) but when I have a problem with something I do tend to reach for the manual. It might seem a laborious exercise, reading through technical small print, but in my experience it’s a lot faster than footering about trying to make something work, getting into a tangle and eventually resorting to the manual anyway. Well done with your needle changing.

    • Loved your footering about comment. I spent a great deal of time doing just that when I had my issues.
      You mention your phone and lack of manual. I borrowed iphones for dummies manual from the library and discovered that my phone could do almost anything except make a cup of tea! The book was really helpful.

      • That’s good to know. I do have a manual of sorts accessible on my camera (quite limited) but if I need to find out about my phone I go to online forums (it’s a Samsung, not an iphone, unfortunately) as there doesn’t seem to be a manual for it.

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