Garden produce. . .chillies are something we can grow successfully

chilliesAt the moment we have chillies that are ready to harvest and this harvest is on-going.  I picked some yesterday and strung them for the kitchen.  We still have some of our dried chillies from last year but it is always nice to have fresh ones hanging in the kitchen.


Previously I have made sweet chilli sauce and this year I will make some more. I thought I had done a post about the chilli sauce I make but on my search I couldn’t find it so I guess I didn’t do one.  I will remedy that situation now.

The recipe I used was from a great little cook book called “A Year in a Bottle” by Sally Wise.

A Year in a bottle

I have mentioned this cookbook in a previous post.

The recipe I use is this one:-

Chilli SauceSally Wise-  A Year in a Bottle page 143

Chilli Sauce

4 thoughts on “Garden produce. . .chillies are something we can grow successfully

  1. Clever you growing your own chilli’s, never tried, perhaps I should! Chilli sauce sounds like a ‘must’ to perk up food!
    Keep blogging, always love to read what you have been up to!
    Bye, Jay x

    • I think they are stronger freshly dried as the old dried chillies seem to lose their bite.
      I prefer fresh rather than dried but it is a matter of your own preference.

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