This season’s last batch

sauce ingredientsToday i made my last batch of tomato sauce for the season.  The next door neighbour will be the recipient of this sauce as he provided the tomatoes.

I have run out of sauce bottles and went to the four thrift shops in Bairnsdale to see if they had any bottles for preserves but they only had one!  There were a few jam jars but only one sauce bottle so I have had to resort to using two lemonade bottles in order to fit all the sauce.

I think I have had enough of tomato sauce making for now. This photo shows the result of the previous three batches of sauce.

previous batch of sauceIn the previous batch I had to resort to a rum bottle as I had run out of bottles.rum bottleThis batch had chilli in the sauce.  My son likes this version of the tomato sauce.

My next bit of preserving is likely to be cucumbers.

4 thoughts on “This season’s last batch

    • The labels were done using Photoshop. I have no expertise in that area it was really my first try at following a tutorial. I was pleased with the result.

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