Orchard renovations, long overdue


On our fridge we have a list of jobs to do in and around the house and removing the netting on the orchard is one of those jobs. Our orchard right at the very back of our garden has been in need of attention for quite some time.  I finally got around to doing something about it and we are now in the full throws of making drastic changes.

This is how the orchard looked before we began.

The netting is falling apart and the grass has grown far too long.  I used to hand weed the orchard but I have decided that we need something much easier to manage.  We want to take up the watering system so that we are able to mow in the orchard rather than doing it by hand.

The first step was to take down the netting.

We then had to remove three unproductive trees.

Our apricot tree and our peach tree both had gummosis and the plum tree was not producing decent fruit.  We are now left with an apple and a fig tree.  We will be planting new trees when all is fixed up.

tree removal

My husband removed the trees and the star pickets.  That was a hard job as the pickets were buried so  deep.

orchard without nettingI am going to dig some holes in preparation for new trees to be planted in late autumn or early winter.  I will dig the holes and fill them with compost so the soil gets a chance to absorb the goodness before we plant.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Sounds like pretty hard work Heather

    1. suth2 says:

      It was. The hard part was getting the ropes down from the posts and removing the metal hooks. Swampy had the hardest job getting out the star pickets.

  2. A pity about the trees but it’s looking much better already. All that green lushness in your photos is balm to the soul.

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