Baby beetroot from Bairnsdale


beetrootWe do most of our grocery shopping at Bairnsdale which is the commercial centre of East Gippsland.  Bairnsdale is situated on the Mitchell River and alongside the river are the Mitchell River flats, or the flood plain.  This floodplain is a highly productive vegetable growing area.  When we make our road trips up to Canberra we pass many big “Bonaccord” trucks transporting the vegetables to Sydney.

It was with great delight that we found, in ALDI, some produce from the local region that has managed to stay in the region.

Bairnsdale beetrootWe tend to buy our vegetable from the greengrocer, knowing that the products are local so it was good to see that those who buy from the big supermarkets are also getting the opportunity to support local growers.

Vegco is the business that processes the vegetables for sale.

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  1. That’s good to see, I wish more supermarkets did that.

    1. suth2 says:

      Such a pity that all was not as it seemed.

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