Almost new kids on the block

On the weekend we had our monthly Metung Market on the village green.  I have blogged about this before but this time there were a couple of stalls that I hadn’t really noticed before.  It is a while since I have been to the market so maybe they have been there for a while.

Wombat Gully

One stall that really caught my eye was this

I had a chat to the owner of the stall just to find out a little more about it.  The owner had moved to Metung two years ago and the flowers are the product of her labour.  She operates the stall with her daughter whom she said was the creative side of the enterprise.

flowersThe flowers that were on display had been beautifully presented and my amateur photography doesn’t do them justice.  There were beautiful little posies which were ideal for children to buy for a couple of dollars as a gift  for their mum for Mothers’ Day.

Wombat Gully Flowers

It is so nice to see a local enterprise making a go of things and I wish them every success in their endeavours.

Another stall that was new for me was one that was selling Soy Candles and melts.

I didn’t take any pictures of the stall but the candles were very reasonably priced and the scents were delightful.  My sister-in-law and my brother bought me some melts for my burner.



4 thoughts on “Almost new kids on the block

    • We do get a few wombats around this area but unfortunately those that you see are often the result of roadkill. 😦
      We are lucky to have so many good local businesses.

  1. Thanks for the mention in your blog! We love sharing our flowers with our local community. Keep up the great blog. from Wombat Gully Flowers – Metung

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