A chocolate treat


At the beginning of the month we had Mothers’Day.  It seems such a long time ago.  One of the presents I received was this.

chocolateMy children do know me well and my elder daughter sent this present to me.  My love of chocolate and my love of reading combined!

The book is a lighthearted romance along the lines of Chocolat by Joanne Harris.  We visit France in the story and there is plenty of chocolate involvement.

From the cover:

Christmas Livingstone has ten rules for happiness, the most important of which is ‘absolutely no romantic relationships.’

In The Chocolate Apothecary, her enchanting artisan store in Tasmania, she tempers chocolate and creates handmade delicacies.  Surrounded by gifts for the senses, in this shop chocolate isn’t just good for you, it’s medicine.

And then one day a stranger arrives at her front door – a dishevelled botanist seeking her help.  She really doesn’t need Lincoln van Luc to walk into her life, even if he does have the nicest blue eyes, the loveliest meddling grandmother and a gorgeous newly rescued dog.  She really doesn’t need any of it.  Or does she?

A lighthearted novel that was easy reading but be warned you need the box of chocolates to accompany this novel.

koko black

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  1. OOoo, what a fantastic combination… book and choc’s! May I have one please? Top right looks like dark chocolate maybe with caramel? I love pretty chocolates, did you see my blog post on the box of choc’s a friend gave me a while ago, and my re-creation of them? Pleased you enjoyed both book and choc’s !! Bye for now, Jay x

    1. suth2 says:

      Yes I did see your post and the chocolates you recreated were incredible. Heather

  2. I can imagine that would be a dangerous book to read without chocolates to hand. Your daughter has foresight.

    1. suth2 says:

      I have been rationing my chocolate eating so they last a bit longer.

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