Kookaburra sits on the washing line

kookaburraWe have had a resident kookaburra for the last couple of weeks.  He has found a plentiful supply of grubs in the bed below the washing line.  He sits patiently on the line until ready to pounce.  There are many holes in the garden bed so he has obviously found plenty to eat.

We also have a group of satin bower birds hanging around the garden.  They are attracted by the berries on the lilli pilli and the Tuscan Kale.

kaleThe kale is getting shredded by the birds so we will need to make sure we get our share before it all disappears.

2 thoughts on “Kookaburra sits on the washing line

  1. He’s a fine looking fellow. The blackbirds here keep rummaging in the earth around my potatoes. i top the earth up into mounds round the base of the plants, only to find a little later on that it’s all been flung off by blackbirds searching for worms. They keep digging up flower seeds as well, but I forgive them because they have such a beautiful song.

    • Blackbirds always remind me of the Donovan song that starts….Blackbirds sing in the dead of night…. It is a lovely song, just like the blackbirds, but they do make a dreadful mess.

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