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This is another book that I can put into my TBR Reading Challenge.  Again it is one that I bought at the secondhand bookstore.

Cover her faceHaving read many Dalgliesh mysteries this one was no different.  Very much like an Agatha Christie novel with many possible suspects to the murder and you are left guessing to the very end.  This one was read very quickly as there was a compulsion to find out “who dunnit?”

From the book cover:

St Cedd’s church fete had been held in the ground of Martingale for generations.

As if organising stalls and presiding over luncheon, the bishop and the tea-tent were not enough for Mrs Maxie, later that mellow July afternoon her son Stephen sprang the news of his engagement.  By morning, Sally Jupp, her new parlourmaid – unmarried mother and minor village scandal – was dead.

Investigating murder at the Elizabethan manor house, Detective Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh is intrigued to find more than one fiancee among the suspects – such are the complicated passions beneath the calm surface of English village life . . . 


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  1. I’m not surprised you read this so quickly. It’s a while since I’ve read it but I remember very much enjoying it, as I think has been the case with every P D James novel I’ve read.

    1. suth2 says:

      I will need to see if I can get Death comes to Pemberley from the library. That is one I would like to read. Have you read it?

      1. I have, yes, and it’s very good.

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