Recipe reflections

lambs fry Offal is not always awful.  This particular offal is the only sort I like.  My husband enjoys kidneys and brains as well as sweetbreads, but they are not for me. Last night we had a meal for dinner that brought back many memories.  The first memory was of the time I first tasted this particular dish.  My sister-in-law and my brother were kind enough to have me stay with them for a year when I first started work.  I have some wonderful memories of my time with them and this recipe comes from that time.  I introduced my husband to the recipe and all my children have tasted it too. Last night as I was preparing the meal it got me reflecting on memories associated with food.  I am lucky to have brothers and sisters who are all good cooks and so there are memories associated with meals we have shared with them. The meal I cooked was Lambs Fry Provençal. Lambs fry ProvençalMy recipe card shows very basic instructions and we have modified the 1970’s recipe to use fresh mushrooms rather than tinned. (It is really important to slice the lambs fry as thinly as you possibly can.  Big chunks of fry are horrible.) It is a delicious meal and certainly one that is ideally suited for a cold winter’s night.  The stock cube was OXO, and that revived the memory from childhood when there was an advertisement that claimed OXO would “Give a meal man appeal!” Stainless steel casserole Another memory associated with the meal was the casserole dish in which the meal was cooked – this was a wedding present from my younger brother.  The wine that was included in the ingredients was one called “Jimmy” so there was also a link to our son. Jimmy   So many meals have so many memories.

5 thoughts on “Recipe reflections

  1. So true Heather,we too have enjoyed Peter and Jeannie’s Lambs Fry and many more we have exchanged with them and other family members !

  2. We haven’t had this for ages, time to rekindle perhaps! We could make tasty meals out of cheap cuts of meat or offal. Vey happy memories indeed.

  3. WE haven’t had this for ages, time to rekindle perhaps! We could make tasty meals out of cheap cuts of meat and offal. Very happy memories.

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