Winners and losers


I have been quiet on the blogging front recently as I have been occupied with other things but now I hope to get back to my routine.

I mention winners and losers because much of my time recently has been taken up with watching the glut of sport on offer to viewers.  Generally I don’t watch much television but with so much sport on offer I have been pretty much glued to the screen recently.

tour map

The first week of the Tour de France was a case of many losers as far as the cyclists I follow on the Tour.  Poor Orica Greenedge, the Australian based team, had a disastrous first week and lost two of their best team members with injuries.  Another of their possible contenders for a stage win, Michael Matthews, was also injured but continued on despite having cracked ribs.  He is now starting to feel a little better!

The Tour usually finishes about 1.30am – 2.00am and I am well and truly ready for bed by then.


We have also had the first Ashes Test which was a definite case of losers as far as the Australian team was concerned.  I was really disappointed with the way they played.  I only hope the next test will be a bit better.  The test was also on late at night but I didn’t stay up beyond the finish of the broadcast of the Tour Stage as the cricket was not as exciting.

It is great when your team wins but it would be a bit boring if they won all the time, that is why we need winners and losers.  Playing the game is the important part and as long as it is a good game then I am happy.


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  1. Very philosophical, and I completely agree with you. It’s amazing to me that someone could continue to cycle with cracked ribs in such a demanding race.

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