Clafoutis but not the delicious dessert!

Clafoutis bed socksI had a request to knit a pair of bed socks for my younger daughter’s partner. He did have a pair of bed socks but they had accidentally become felted!  They had been in the washing machine but on the wrong cycle.

The pattern is one that I found on Ravelry and the pattern is free.  You can find it here.

The bed socks are knitted in Cleckheaton Countrywide which is a thick yarn and knitted on 5.5 needles this means that it is an extremely quick knit.


This was another Tour de France project.


2 thoughts on “Clafoutis but not the delicious dessert!

  1. I know very little about knitting, but it seems to me that socks would be a challenging thing to make. The heels leave me scratching my head in wonder and yet you describe this project as an ‘extremely quick knit’. As is so often the case when I visit your blog, I stand in awe.

    • Thanks Lorna. I learnt how to knit socks in my last year of primary in Scotland. I think I must have been lucky with the teachers we had at our village school .

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