Kennythorpe, Burythorpe, Menethorpe and others. . . Tuesday travels

Malton and surroundsThe first part of our stay overseas was in Yorkshire.  On our previous visit to the UK we had stayed for a short while with my brother and sister-in-law as they had a house swap in Norton on Derwent.  It gave us an opportunity to get a taste of Yorkshire and we loved it so much that we decided that next time we went to the UK we would base ourselves in Yorkshire.

We did a bit of searching on the internet and decided on a lovely cottage in Kennythorpe which is not too far from Malton.  Kennythorpe is really just a gathering of three farms and a few cottages, not really a village but there were plenty of villages close by.

The property we stayed at was Hanging Hill Farm and it was perfect for our needs.

our cottage

The cottage was alongside the main farm residence and close to the horse facilities.


.  The owner has only had the property for a couple of years during which she has renovated the cottage and is busy renovating the horse farm also.

farm residence and cottageThe location of the cottage made it ideal for walking the Yorkshire wolds.  We were directly south of Norton on Derwent and Malton and we did all our grocery shopping in Malton.

This post gives you an idea of where we were based and I will expand in later Tuesday travels on what we did while we were there.  Walking played a big part in our holiday and we had been given some walking trips to do while we were there, this map gives you a bit of an idea. (it’s a bit blurred, sorry)

walking tracksWe also did walks on Helen’s farm.

IMG_3440It was particularly cold on this day.

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  1. That looks like a lovely place to stay. Yorkshire has a lot to recommend it.

    1. suth2 says:

      Staying there for a decent period of time meant that we were able to have a good look round.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your Yorkshire blogs, especially so as I live in this beautiful county… Amazing that you spent your holiday over in the UK, in particular Yorkshire, as I am coming out to Australia early next year to stay with family and will be staying in Melbourne! Jay x

    1. suth2 says:

      We live about three and a half hours from Melbourne so if you are up near the Gippsland lakes you will need to call in and meet me.

  3. Why not visit my etsy shop and leave me a message… be good to meet up if possible…

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