Happy Anniversary

Just before leaving on our holiday it was the fourth anniversary of my foray into blogging.  No wonder I felt as if I had lost my mojo!  I had no idea I had been blogging for such a long time.

Happy anniversaryJust to bring back some memories here is my first post:


Have I achieved what I set out to do? Yes.  I have loved blogging, particularly the number of wonderful people I have met through blogging. I have learned a great deal and no doubt will learn even more in the future.  I am just managing to keep pace with technology but by revisiting my initial post I can see that framing has taken a back seat in my life of late. I will need to make sure I do more picture framing in the future.  I also haven’t done much posting about Metung but hopefully I will put that to right in the future.

To all of you who read my blog I hope you continue to do so even if I don’t write as regularly as I used to.

Many thanks.

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Hello… so good to know you are back blogging! Yes I know that feeling… me too having blogless moments for a time. I have managed to squeeze a few blogs out, but not as many as I feel I would like. Delighted to hear about you trip to my part of the world recently… BEAUTIFUL YORKSHIRE!!!
    Will always be good to read what you decide to chat about!
    Best wishes, Jay x

    • Thank you Jay. Good to hear from you too. I will need to catch up on your posts now that I am home. We loved Yorkshire. The people were so welcoming and friendly.

  2. Happy anniversary! I hope you will keep blogging, even if it’s not all the time, because I always enjoy your posts. I like the variety of interests you have and I love seeing your creative achievements.

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