While we were on holiday I was fortunate enough to be in that part of the world where the Rugby World Cup was taking place.  This was a bonus for me, not that I was able to attend any of the matches, but that I was able to watch the games at a reasonable hour of the day and night.  People in Australia had to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to watch the Wallabies play.

boulangerieOur village boulanger even got into the spirit.

The whole tournament was a feast of great rugby with many fantastic matches.  Two matches stand out for me.  One was the match between Scotland and the Wallabies, the other being Japan versus South Africa.  The first match was highly controversial in the final result and the second was a complete boil-over of the expected result.  One of the minnow teams in world rugby defeated one of the expected finalists.  The sheer joy in the Japanese team was a delight to watch.brave blossomss.m.h.

The Wallabies made the final only to be defeated by the All Blacks.

mccw pocock It was a fitting parting for two of the greats of rugby, Richie McCaw and Daniel Carter.  McCaw Carter

My player of the tournament was David Pocock.

This feast of rugby reinforced for me how much I miss being able to attend matches where I live.  It is three and a half hours minimum to get to matches to watch my Melbourne Rebels team so I only go occasionally.  At least I can watch them on television.

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  1. That must have been a great bonus for you, being in the right time zone for the World Cup. The Japanese win over South Africa was amazing. Whatever the sport, it makes for a great story when underdogs upset giants like that.

    1. suth2 says:

      I was in my sporting element while the RWC was on. It was perfect.

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