Sisters, granddaughters and birthdays

1st birthday

We went to Canberra to celebrate our youngest granddaughter’s first birthday.  Her birthday is a day before my eldest sister’s birthday.  My elder sisters both celebrated their birthdays this month with my eldest sister celebrating her 80th birthday which is quite a milestone.  She is a keen golfer and still plays golf twice a week if she is not away from home.  I am so lucky to have come from a large family and it is when you are away from family that you realise more than ever how lucky you are.

When our children were little they liked to choose their birthday cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book.


This is how iconic the book is in Australia:-

“The book was first published in 1980 and has sold more than half a million copies.  In response to all the requests we have had, often from mothers who remember fondly all the cakes from their own childhood, we have taken this book from our archives and reprinted it 30 years after it first appeared.  We have had to make a minor change – four of your little friends are missing but they’ve been replaced by other cakes you’ll love just as much.  Apart from that we’ve left it just as it was – a true collectors’ cookbook especially for you.  Now you can recreate your favourite cakes – the swimming pool, rocket and that train from the the cover for your own child.”

The number one has been used a few times over the years! Nice to see it used for our granddaughter.

1 Birthday cake



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