Three months worth of gardening!

The down side of being away is the fact that your garden keeps on going and so do the weeds! I now have to get the garden back into shape.  We were fortunate that our neighbour kept the outdoor pot plants watered so they were still alive when we got home.

Our vegie patch was looking very sad so I spent the first day fixing that up and planted a few things, all be it a  little late but hopefully we will get some produce.


Unfortunately our garlic hasn’t survived.  The tops are dead and there is very little growth on the bulbs.  I guess we should be thankful that there is anything there at all.


The strawberries are good

strawberriesbut the raspberries have turned up their toes.

dead raspberry canesI will need to get new canes from one of my daughters as I gave them canes when our raspberries were producing lots of canes.  The lack of consistent watering really does cause a problem with some aspects of the garden however we have a beautiful bougainvillea and lovely roses.




8 thoughts on “Three months worth of gardening!

  1. Whenever it’s spring or summer there and going in for the dead of winter here, I’m shocked when I read about your garden! So weird being on the opposite side of the world. Your flowers are lovely and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of produce to “put up” as my grandma used to say.

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