Some sewing for Maggie

It is quite a while since I have done any sewing and my daughter asked me if I would like to make a library bag for my granddaughter.  I was delighted to say yes as I had made a library bag for her older brother.

I used up scraps I had at home and I thought I had used fabric that Maggie’s mum had given to me but I discovered that it was fabric that Maggie’s aunt had given me.  The bag certainly now has a family link.  I hope she likes it.

library bagI did a bit of patchwork on the bag using a Japanese kimono block.

library bag2

9 thoughts on “Some sewing for Maggie

  1. Such a great idea! Library books are so heavy and having something this beautiful to carry them in should make Maggie very happy! I love her name – same as my kitty! (Don’t tell her that!)

  2. Loved the bag, and the family connection with the fabric… made me think… in the UK recently shops have ALL stopped giving carrier bags, so I am going to make your library bags for my grocery’s … THANK YOU! Good to see you back blogging, must start mine again! Jay x

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