Karchering is addictive and it makes things look like new

KarcherThis is a Karcher.  By golly it is a great gadget!  I took the Karcher down to my daughter’s as she wanted to clean the paving bricks at the front of their house.  I can say that by the time I left we had cleaned everything that could possibly be cleaned.  The place was sparkling.  As a result of the work done at my daughter’s I then took the opportunity to clean the paving at our house.  It had been quite a while since I had last used the Karcher for anything other than washing the car.

You can see on the photo the result on the pavers where they have been Karchered.  I know Karchering isn’t a verb but it sound better than pressure spraying. 🙂


Have you used a Karcher for any jobs?  Have the results been impressive?

8 thoughts on “Karchering is addictive and it makes things look like new

  1. I’ve never used a Karcher before…I have pressure washed. I love these gadgets. It really makes a difference! Your brick got so clean! Much easier than the old days of scrubbing with a brush! Have a wonderful day! Koko 🙂

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