A repair job

Our next door neighbour asked me to do a favour for him.  He wanted me to repair two pictures he had.

picture framing 1The pictures were very old and had been dropped at some stage.  The glass was broken and the backing was damaged.  I didn’t want to do anything to the actual pictures or frames as it would have detracted from the look so it was just a case of cutting new glass and putting the pictures back together with new backing.  An easy job done very quickly.  It was good to be able to get a bit of picture framing done as it is quite a while since I last did any framing.


10 thoughts on “A repair job

  1. Nice job, I didn’t realise picture framing was one of your many creative talents. Something that has intrigued me about picture framers is where they get the glass from and how they cut it. Perhaps you could enlighten me?

    • When I first started framing I used to buy glass from a glass shop, ie those places where you can get glass for windows. Now I am more savvy and buy old pictures from thrift shops and cut down the glass from the dismantled pictures. This is a much cheaper way to do it but if I am framing a big print I usually have to buy the glass from a glass shop.

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