2015 goals not attained


Last year one of my aims was to read more non-fiction books.  I failed dismally in doing this as I only read one non-fiction book so I am trying again this year.

I have started this year well as I have already read three non-fiction.  The first book I want to review is Hazel’s Journey by Sue Pieters-Hawke and Hazel Flynn.

IMG_4064The book was published in 2003 and Hazel died in 2013.

From the cover:

Hazel Hawke is one of Australia’s best-loved public figures.  Caring, gutsy and funny, she earned affection and respect wherever she went, both during and after her time as Prime Minister’s wife.

In November 2003 she revealed that she was facing her greatest challenge – Alzheimer’s disease.  Her courage and determination in the face of this cruel turn of fate touched millions.  Now comes the full, inside story of Hazel’s journey with Alzheimer’s, told by her daughter Sue.

This is an intensely moving and personal story of an intelligent, independent woman struggling with the disease that is affecting an ever increasing number of Australians.  From early denial to the awful anger that came after diagnosis and the acceptance that has developed since, Hazel’s Journey tells Hazel’s story – and shows what life is like for the hundreds of thousands of carers who are committed to helping their loved ones retain quality of life and to coping with the disease’s implacable progress.  Inspiring, revealing and insightful, this is a journey you will never forget.

This is certainly a book for those folk who are in contact with someone who has Alzheimer’s or some other form of demetia. The story told gives some ideas of what to expect and at the end there is a section entitled Information and Help. I found the book very easy to read and the information given was helpful.  The book was written ten years before Hazel’s death so those last ten years are obviously not documented.


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  1. That looks like a moving read. I also failed to read as many non-fiction titles as I’d hoped, but I enjoyed a lot of what I read last year, which is the main thing.

    1. suth2 says:

      Like you I enjoyed my reading last year and read as many books as I had planned, just not in the genre I planned. I am well on the way to righting the situation this year.

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