Faster than a speeding bullet?


Recently my blog has not had much input on my part.  I seem to have been busy doing other things but then find it difficult to quantify what I have actually done.  One thing I have done, and can see the results of, is work in the garden.

A while back I posted about removing the netting from our orchard.  My husband has planted some fruit trees to espalier and our younger daughter’s partner helped to put up the wiring so my husband can espalier the trees.

espaliered treesThis week I finally got around to planting a hedge on our back boundary.

orchard boundaryThe reason I say “faster than a speeding bullet” is the plants that make the hedge have the name Cheetah and the label says to make sure you stand back as the plant will grow so quickly!  If only……

lilly pillyThe plant is a lilly pilly which is an Australian native plant.

lillipilliNow we just need to stand back and watch.

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  1. Fingers crossed the Lilly Pilly will grow as fast as a cheetah, good luck with your garden… Nothing at all is growing in Yorkshire UK at the moment… few snow drops are appearing, and the daffs are poking their heads through the earth…. can’t wait till spring! J x

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