Books exchanged

exchanged booksRecently I took four large bags of books to the book exchange and came back with one bag.  I still have plenty of books at home and I regularly visit the library so there is no shortage of something to read.

The top book in the picture is The Help which I read while we were overseas.  I got that one for my younger daughter as she had said she would like to read it.  I have seen the movie since reading the book and although I enjoyed the movie I would certainly say the book was better.

There are a couple of Penny Vincenzi books there as I had been given a recommendation for those from our host in Yorkshire.  I will let you know whether I enjoy them.

Spycatcher is there because it was mentioned in the Michael Kirby biography I recently read and I thought it would make interesting reading.

The Anna Funder book is there as I have read Staziland and really enjoyed that.  I borrowed All That I am from the library but didn’t get around to reading it now I have no excuse as I have a copy at home.

Kate Grenville because I have read many of her books and the same with Jo Nesbo and Anita Shreve.

Hey Mum, What’s a half-caste? as another of my non-fiction reads.  Plenty to keep me going for a while.

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