Is it a boat with a message?

Sometime ago I noticed a house in the village had flags on a post at the entry to their driveway.  I was intrigued enough to search the flags on the internet and discovered that the flags stood for the number of the house.

house numberSince then the owners have included the actual numbers on the flags so there is no confusion for those who are not nautical.

On my walk yesterday morning I noticed a boat in the marina and my reason for noticing it was that it was festooned with flags.  It reminded me of HMS Victory because when we saw that ship it had the flags out for Nelson’s birthday.

boat with fflagsAfter my walk I thought I would look up to see if I could work out what the flags meant.

boat flagsCan you work it out?

Using flags for messaging also reminded me of my time in the Girl Guides, many, many moons ago when one of the skills we had to learn was the semaphore alphabet.

semaphore alphabetI can honestly say that I have never had to use that skill!






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