Tuesday travels. . . .In and around Malton, North Yorkshire.

signpostWhen we were staying in Yorkshire we were close to the town of Malton.  On a previous visit to Yorkshire we had stayed for a few days with my brother and sister-in-law.  We enjoyed the stay so much that was what prompted us to spend a few weeks in Yorkshire.

One of the walks we did while there was the town trail of Malton.  The website gives all the detailed information.  It was an enjoyable walk with part of the walk marked with stones showing what native wildlife could be encountered.

nature markersUnfortunately many of the information signage on the site of the Roman fort had suffered under the trees and it was impossible to read the information presented.

information signageYou could just make out this one but there were others that were impossible to read.

Another aspect of the trail took us through a park area in the centre of the town.  You really would not know it was there as it was like the secret garden – only accessible through a wooden gate in the stone wall running alongside the main street.  Once inside there was an area which would have been wonderful for picnics if it had been maintained but unfortunately it too was suffering from neglect, just like the information signs.

The exit from this garden, and obviously an other entry was through a beautiful pair of gates.

malton garden gatesIt is such a pity that what was once an excellent facility has been allowed to be neglected.  One would hope that Ryedale Council would have a maintenance program in place but it didn’t appear to have one.

DickensAnother part of the town trail led us to Chancery Lane and the house supposedly the inspiration for the office of Ebeneezer Scrouge in a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Chancery LaneMalton is a lovely town and if ever in that part of the world it is certainly worth a visit.


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