A finished piece in pink

Aran knittingLast time I mentioned this piece of knitting it was 10th February.  I am pleased to say that the work is now complete and has been given to my daughter.  I will add that it didn’t have buttons when I gave it to her as I wasn’t prepared to pay the exorbitant price asked for buttons from our local haberdashery shop.  I have a large collection of buttons but us usual I didn’t have the colour I needed.  Why are buttons so expensive to buy?  I was wishing I was in York and could visit this shop.Button shopI even went to a thrift shop thinking I could buy a garment of a similar colour and use the buttons from the garment. . . .it would have been cheaper. . . .but unfortunately there was nothing of a similar colour.  My daughter will now need to find buttons to finish off the cardigan or leave it buttonless as I don’t think she is likely to do up the buttons anyway.

pink aran cardiganMy daughter tells me the cardigan has been put to good use already.


7 thoughts on “A finished piece in pink

  1. Wonderful color, and great textures! I love this cardigan. 🙂
    Buttons are always a problem, aren’t they? I face similar problems as you did for this one, and I’ve resorted to knitting pullovers and buttonless cardigans. 😀 But there are times when I wish a cardigan had buttons…

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