My foray into non-fiction has led me down some interesting paths.  I mentioned that I was now interested to find out more about America and its links to Britain during the Cold War. The book that I ended up reading was one about the assassination of JFK, called The Smoking Gun written by Colin McLaren

the smoking gunIts argument is that JFK was killed not by a bunch of nefarious conspirators (the grassy knoll, the magic bullet and all that) and not by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone, but by Oswald acting independently and a Secret Service agent accidentally firing the fatal shot from his AR-15 automatic rifle as he fell backwards inside the vice-presidential car behind the car in which Kennedy was seated. And, naturally, it has been covered up ever since by the good old US government.(Goodreads)

The book was compelling reading and seemed to make a strong case for this theory but the theory has been ridiculed in many quarters. There was a television movie of this book which you can find it on the internet. I found the book was an interesting read and has prompted me to continue further reading on the so called JFK conspiracy theory.


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