Tuesday travels. . . .Some aspects of our trips into York


Because we were staying so close to York we made several trips there for sightseeing and shopping.

street nameYou can just spy Marks and Spencers in the background. I just loved the name of this street. This particular day we were just browsing in town and the thing that strikes you most is the varied architecture.

Guild HallThis is the Guild Hall but you could also find shops in buildings that were of a similar type.

York architecture

crazy bulging walldracula faceliftI have absolutely no idea what a dracula facelift is but I don’t like the sound of it.

restaurant in a storeWe had seen a cooking series by Carluccio on television in Australia and so we thought we would give this restaurant a try for lunch.  We had a delicious meal.

This amazing button shop caught my eye and my husband waited patiently for me outside.

Button shopYork is a fantastic place to visit and you need at least a week to see all there is to see and do.  We made many visits into town and enjoyed each one.


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