No matter what kind of life you have led, ageing is reversible!


With a blurb like that, what ageing individual wouldn’t want to read this book?

You staying youngAs you can see I borrowed this one from the library.  I was sucked in by all that was written on the back of the book.

The doctors taking the US by storm, Drs Michael F Roizen and Mehmet C Oz, have devised a program that is so effective you can live up to 35% longer.  But it’s not just about living longer, it’s about living younger.

Starting with fascinating explanations of why you age and how easy it is to prevent it, Roizen and Oz then show you how to push back the clock with a Two-Week Extended Warranty plan.

Find out your Real Age and how you can reduce it

Understand your body – you have the power to keep it strong

Live longer and younger – you can reduce your risk for all illnesses

Reprogram your body – you can reverse the aging process.

You can see that I am obviously one of the “older” folk on this earth and I am looking for ways to extend my time here as I still have lots of things I want to see and do!

The book was a very easy read and reinforced what I already knew. Basically you need to “use it or lose it.”  Activity is the way to go accompanied by sensible eating. It was a reminder to me to cut back on the sweeties and to eat more fruit and vegetables.

If you are a senior citizen this is definitely a book you should read.


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