The Twa Corbies. . . .


I was pondering how we had to learn poetry when we were at school and it was still something that was happening in my first few years as a teacher.  Unfortunately, or some would say fortunately, poetry recital is no longer fashionable.  As I have said in previous posts it always used to surprise me how my dad was able to come up with a line of poetry for almost any occasion, be it something we saw or something that had happened.

It was when I noticed two crows feasting on some roadkill on a recent trip that made me think of a poem I had learnt at primary school.  I had thought that I had learnt it for Burns Day but when I checked out my Burns anthology I was surprised to discover that the poem wasn’t there.  After some searching on the web I discovered that the poem was by “who knows” in other words, Anonymous!  I loved the poem as a child so here it is for you to enjoy.  I learnt the version on the left.

You can also hear the poem sung. The heading says English but the comments after the video shows the strength of feeling between English and Scottish ownership!

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  1. Kate says:

    I also thought it was by Rabbie Burns!! We must have had to learn it around Burns time in the Scottish vernacular. I remember Craig having to learn Yiv hurt yer finger pair wee man , for Burns time at Fruechie school and it was not Burns!!

    1. suth2 says:

      George had to learn that one too at Ladybank.

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