Tilley troubles


We recently visited Melbourne to watch a game of rugby.  That was the main reason for the trip but a secondary reason was to visited a particular shop T.W. Sands & Co that sells spare parts for Tilley lamps.

TilleyWe used to do quite a bit of camping when we were first married and also when our children were young.  The Tilley lamp provided excellent light at night and was certainly superior to the gas lamp we had.  Unfortunately over the years the lamp has fallen into disrepair and my husband has been on the hunt for spare parts so he could repair the lamp.

After much searching he eventually found a shop in Melbourne that keeps spare parts for all sorts of lamps.  He has visited the shop once before but because he didn’t have the model number of the lamp he was unable to get the parts he needed.  This time we went armed with the necessary information.  The website said that the shop opened at 9.00 but we had to wait for a few minutes as it didn’t open until 10.00 but once inside the parts were instantly produced much to the delight of my husband.

Now we are at home and my husband has set about repairing his much loved Tilley.

Tilley in bitsThe thing in the glass jar is the part that is used to light the lamp.  This part is soaked in methylated spirits and then set alight.  The tank at the left back is what houses the kerosene.

Now it is repaired and my husband is thrilled with the result.

Tilley 3

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