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Yorkshire has some fantastic pathways but you really need to know what you are about.

I have included several photos to let you see the type of directions you follow when you are on your walks.  Some of the pathways are so difficult to find and some are impossible to navigate.  We tended to stick to the roadways on our walks after we had got a bit off course on one of our walks!


Pathway3IMG_3391The last photo shows a path you can take if you are prepared to fight with the nettles!

Before we went to Yorkshire I made contact with a man, Frank Firth, who has a website where you can find lots of walks in Yorkshire.  He had documented all the walks he has done over the years.  We took the opportunity to get him to give us suggested walks to do when we were in Yorkshire. There is a section on the website where you can fill out a form with your request and Frank then contacts you by email with the suggested walks.  We were able to download the maps before we left so there was no problem other than the fact that we somehow managed to miss the path on one of our walks. If you are going to Yorkshire in the future and enjoy walking I suggest you have a good look at the website.



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  1. Lovely Yorkshire!!! I am a lucky one to live here… The weather has been absolutely delightful this long Bank Holiday weekend, so have managed a few walks, a perfect one right up on the top of Ilkley moor… it was so clear, fantastic views, could see for miles… J x

    1. suth2 says:

      Meanwhile here in Metung the weather is pretty miserable right now. Flood warnings for the local rivers and it is also cold. We have our log fire on so at least there is a pleasant atmosphere indoors.

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