A wet woolly wombat


We have had quite a bit of rain here recently.  There have been flood alerts for twelve rivers in the area.  We were heading in to Bairnsdale today but had to turn back at the Patties Pie factory as the road was what you would call rather congested.  I think if we had been prepared to wait we would have got through but we decided just to turn around and go home.

On our way to Bairnsdale we stopped at Swan Reach as the Tambo River was in flood and I wanted to take a few pictures. I think the river access is a little closer than this sign would have us believe.

Tambo river at Swan ReachWhile we were there we saw a very wet wombat, who had obviously had to find a place of refuge as his burrow must have been flooded.

IMG_4834He was heading for higher ground and I later found him hunkered down just near the roadway, I think he was trying to look invisible!

wet wombatThe river was certainly up and the jetty was under water, with the exception of the solar panel.

Swan Reach jettyFurther rain is expected tonight so no doubt the river levels will continue to rise.

TamboOn my walk this afternoon I came across this little fellow.

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  1. Miriam says:

    We’ve definitely had a lot of rain lately. Take care on the roads and watch out for all that wildlife out there.

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