Tour de France and a finished jumper

Those of you who have followed my blog for a few years will know that the Tour de France is a time when I head off to bed at about 1.30 in the morning.  The Tour starts on television about 10.00pm each evening and I am couch bound until 1.30.  During the Tour is when I get a great deal of knitting done, as previous posts about the Tour will let you see what items I have completed in previous years.

This year I had already started a  project and I have actually finished it and there is still at least a week left of the Tour.  I will need to start another project!

The item I have finished is a fisherman’s rib jumper for my grandson. fisherman's rib

I got the pattern book for 30cents at a thrift shop and the wool was frogged wool from The Jolly Jumbuck when it was closing down.  The wool was a real bargain.  The Jolly Jumbuck no longer operates a shop front but you can buy wool from their website.

fisherman's rib jumperI’m not too sure how the frogged wool will wash with the non-frogged stripe but hopefully it will be ok.  The colours are for his AFL team Carlton.

jumperIt will certainly be warm as it is a heavy jumper.

My stash is slowly going down.

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