Daylight saving started

Yesterday daylight saving started and I went for my walk much later than usual.  The weather was perfect after several days of not-so-perfect weather! It has been cold and wet here in Metung.


MetungThe Metung Hotel was looking particularly splendid as were the apartments close by.

MetungThis was not my usual walk route, I had gone this way as I wanted to take a photo of one of the shops in the village.  The Tallowwood Emporium.

Tallowwood EmporiumYou can see that the shop looks deserted as indeed it is.  In a small village that is prone to having most of its trade during the tourist months it must be very difficult for small businesses.  This lovely shop has been trading in Metung for a few years and it is sad that it is no longer there.  It was a shop that was chock full of items and it was always worthwhile to have a browse and perhaps buy something for a birthday or as a gift for a guest.  It seems that the fluctuating population couldn’t sustain this business and it is no longer operational.  It will be interesting to see what replaces it, if anything.

The shop was a restaurant when we first moved to Metung so it has had two different lives in the time we have been here.

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