A visit to the Hunter Valley. . . .Tuesday travels

vineyardsWe have recently returned from a trip to the vineyards in the Hunter Valley New South Wales.  We last visited about twenty years ago so we noticed considerable change.

vineyards2There are now some 169 vineyards in the valley so during our three days there we visited a few but nowhere near the total number. The vineyards that were there when we first visited in the early seventies are still there so we made sure we reacquainted ourselves with them.

We stayed at a delightful bed and breakfast at Millfield and we had a delicious meal at the Royal Oak in Cessnock the first night we were there. The Royal OakWe had lunch at The Two Fat Blokes on one of the days.

The Two Fat BlokesWhile we were there there was a bushfire close by and the power was cut off on one of the nights so we had a romantic candlelit dinner that night.

The Hunter Valley has certainly got its tourism act together re the wineries.  The weekend we were there there was a music festival at one of the wineries and there was going to be opera the following weekend.

This poster is similar to a well-known poster from Pezenas in France

imagesbut here the doors are the doors of vineyards in the Hunter.

doors of the HunterOne of the wineries we visited had an interesting toilet! Outside the cubicles was a long bench with about eight chairs.  I assumed it may have been for touching up your makeup but the position of the mirror was far too high if you were sitting down.  Not sure of the reason for this.

Certainly plenty to see and do in the Hunter Valley, not to mention the actual wine tasting.  We came home with a boot load!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lorna says:

    I love that second photograph, what a beautiful looking place.

    1. suth2 says:

      The place was beautiful but the smoke from the very close bushfire was rather intimidating.

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