It has taken five attempts before I got it right

My granddaughter would like me to make her a new blanket as the previous one has given up the ghost.  I thought I might be able to make her one from the wool I have in my stash so I started with this ball first.

woolThe wool is lovely and soft but I realised after crocheting a couple of rounds that the blanket wouldn’t last long as some sections of the wool are very fine ply.  It wouldn’t take much for the strand to get broken so I left that ball and tried another.

granny blanketThis one was much more consistent in ply but I don’t like the overall pattern.  The wool is also quite scratchy.

I tried another ball, this time in cotton just to see if I like the bright colours.cotton granny squareI love this so I will get some lovely soft wool in similar colours and make the blanket in that.  The other attempts will get finished off to use as blankets for the dolls.

I have been to the wool shop now and bought two different balls of wool.  This wool looked fine as a ball of wool but here it is crocheted.

dull coloursAs you can see the colours are rather dull, not at all what my granddaughter would like, so it is now a blanket for the dollies.

The second ball of wool was only 50 grams so I needed to put it with something else so I had enough for a blanket.  I had some lovely wool/cashmere blend in off white so I decided to use that to go with the bright colours.

granny blanketI think Miss M will like the finished product.

granny blanket mark4






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Try, try, try again!! I do really like the last one! Great choice in the end!

    1. suth2 says:

      Maggie was very happy with the result.

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