Fondue for the family


During the holiday period over Christmas I decided to have fondue for one of our desserts.  It has been decades since I last had fondue at home so it was going to be an enjoyable experience.

Our Fondue burner was bought in the seventies from a homeware shop called the French Kitchen in The Boulevarde in Canberra.  On the next level above the shop was the restaurant of the same name.  The burner is made in Switzerrland and has stood the test of time.

fondue burnerWe bought the pot separately from the burner and the pot is marked Cousances, which was taken over by Le Crueset in the 1950s and made in France.  The pot was also bought at the French Kitchen. The fondue forks are very seventies looking.

fondue forks

chocolate fondueYou can see from the above picture that we had chocolate fondue.  The kids loved it. We had fresh pineapple,strawberries and bananas but I think the big hit was the marshmallows.

marshmallowsHere is the recipe we used.  We didn’t add the additional flavour as there were children partaking.

fondue recipe

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  1. Kate says:

    Brings back fond memories of many fondue meals in Canberra with all our children partaking!

    1. suth2 says:

      I think the recipe may be one that I got from you. I also remember the Steam Boat dinners you did. You have always been an inspiration with your cooking.

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