A project that has taken a while to get started

drivewayWe were about to get our driveway resurfaced but before doing that we had to do something about the area at the side of the house.  Originally there was a hedge up against the house and there were some untreated railway sleepers.  When we had the house checked by the Pest Control people, many years ago, they advised us to get rid of the sleepers as they were the ideal place for termites to do their work.  We took their advice and got rid of the sleepers and the hedge at the same time.  The area has remained empty since then but we have now done something about it.

The timber was purchased, this time it is treated timber so there should be no termite issues.  We dug out the area and set in the sleepers as a border for the resurfacing of the driveway.

driveway bedsWe  have had the driveway resurfaced but we still have to finish off the border. We will probably put in some big pots as we plan to move some azaleas we have in the front garden.

renewing the drivewayremoving some of the old surface

We are pleased with the resurfaced driveway.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lorna says:

    It looks great, I bet you’re glad to have got that job done.

    1. suth2 says:

      It had been waiting for about five years!

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