Tah dah! Finished at last

This is matching the yoke to the tissue pattern, lining up the sleeve seams and centre backs before sewing on the bias neckband.

I have finally finished the smocked dress.

I had issues with the buttons.  I always seem to have a problem when it comes to buttons, this time it was covered buttons.

I bought a covered button kit from Spotlight so I could make the buttons to finish off the dress as specified in the Vogue pattern.  Covered buttons have changed since I last bought any, you no longer are required to sew around the circle to gather the fabric. (In hindsight maybe I just bought the wrong sort of cover buttons but they were the only ones available at Spotlight.) The instructions with the buttons said to use a double layer of fabric if the fabric was fine so I did just that but the back wouldn’t stay on the button.  I then tried with interfacing on the back of the fabric and that didn’t work either.  Anyway I persevered and eventually managed to get the backing to stay on the button, at least I thought I had.  I sewed four of the six buttons onto the dress and was just about to sew on the fifth button when I noticed that one of the covers had come off.  I then tried to undo the other buttons and they also fell off the backing.  I was so annoyed.  I have since written to Birch Creative to let them know of the issues I had.  I hope I hear something back from them.

I went back to the sewing room to see if I had any buttons that might work ok with the dress and came up with some that I think look fine.



8 thoughts on “Tah dah! Finished at last

    • Thank you Susan. I have just had a quick peek at your blog. I will need to set aside some time to have a thorough look. You look to have similar interests as I have. Heather

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