Why I have been missing from WordPress

It is almost a month since I last posted on WordPress and the reasons for my absence are many.  To name some, I have been visiting and having visitors and I have been busy in the garden,  Life is more important than blogging but I do miss the contact with other bloggers and it is good to let my family see what I have been getting up to when I can’t see them in person.  I have had lots of personal contact with family recently so now I feel replenished.

I was up in Canberra recently while my daughter was having some surgery.  I was helping to look after one of my granddaughters.  I was only there for a few days but it was good to be of some help.

My youngest granddaughter and her family then visited us for Easter so we were able to spend some time together after my daughter had recovered fully from her surgery.  Easter involved an egg hunt which was thoroughly enjoyed by our youngest granddaughter.

We also had a bonfire one night to burn some rubbish and that was a special treat.

it was so good to have some family time.


7 thoughts on “Why I have been missing from WordPress

  1. You’re right, life is more important than blogging. It’s all a balance isn’t it. And it looks like life has been good to you which is great.

    • Family life has been particularly good to me. I love it when I get the chance to connect with my grown children and their offspring. I also love it when I get the chance to catch up with my brothers and sisters. It just makes me feel good.

  2. Well, I have the same “problem” with blogging at the moment. Sometimes we just have to set priorities and work on things that are on topof the list. Hope your daughter is fine and that you have enjoyed the time with your family and friends!

  3. I’m glad you are back, but also glad that you were away, since it saw you spending time reconnecting with family, when it sounds like it was great for you and for them! We missed you!

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