What’s that next door?

There is a vacant block next to our house and it has been that way since the previous house was burned then eventually demolished.  The block was bought last year and now things are happening.

Firstly this builders’ toilet turned up on the block and then a few days later we had a digger and a large truck ready to start work.

They have dug our the hillside in preparation for the laying of the concrete slab.

We thought that would be the next step but then a few days later we had another digger arrive and this time it was used as a drilling rig.

The colourful items you can see on the ground are what is showing after those posts are wound into the ground.  We think the reinforcing wire will be laid over this and then the concrete poured.  I will let you see what happens in the next step.

It is great to see some action at last on the block.

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