My reading has suffered a little lately


I haven’t been reading as much as I usually do as I have been occupied doing other things.  This book is my latest read having read a review in the newspaper I decided to buy a copy and I haven’t been disappointed.

Caroline Baum’s moving and gripping memoir is for everyone who has felt they are the fulcrum of a seesaw, the focus of all eyes and expectations, torn between love and fear, obedience and rebellion, duty and the longing to escape. It is also for anyone who has felt the burden of trying to be a Good Daughter — what that means and why it is so hard. Revelatory, lyrical and unflinching.

Caroline features in Conversations with Richard Fidler. You may only be able to access this in Australia.

The memoir is an enjoyable and moving read and I was glad, at the end of the book, that I came from a large family and was not an only child.

Geraldine Brooks says:

‘With a glamorous mother and a successful father, Caroline Baum’s prosperous childhood seems like the epitome of privilege. Yet below the shimmering surface, rolling currents from scarred pasts buffet her girlhood, creating dislocations that resonate into adulthood. This beautifully rendered, searingly honest account becomes, in the end, a testimony to the enduring power of love, no matter how imperfectly enacted or expressed.’

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  1. jenmcox says:

    I love getting recommendations for good books! This looks like one to put on my list!

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