I’ve been on holiday


I have been missing on the blog for a while as I have been away on holiday . . . destination Hawaii.

I was on holiday with my elder daughter and we had a wonderful time.  We stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki beach.

The hotel is one of the oldest in Honolulu and has a very stately feel to it.

It opens directly onto Waikiki beach

and the restaurant is directly behind the beach.

You can see the hotel beach chairs from the restaurant.  We hired beach chairs one day and spent some leisurely time on the beach.

The beach chairs have a flag attached to them and when you want waiter service you just lift up the flag and your waiter appears.  How good is that?

We didn’t spend the whole day there as we had other items to check off on our list of things to do.

The interior of the hotel still has the feel of something from colonial times and the flower arrangements were beautiful.

I will post more details of our trip in later posts.

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