Tuesday Travels. . . .National Portrait Gallery, Canberra


“Look into the eyes of over 400 people who’ve shaped the nation at the National Portrait Gallery, on the shores of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin.”

On a recent visit to Canberra that is exactly what we did.  There was a particular part of the gallery devoted to an exhibition of Women in Focus.

This Gallery requires you to really take your time as the accompanying captions to the portraits provide so much information which furthers understanding of the particular portrait.  John Brack is one of my favourite artists so I was pleased to find portraits by him, one being in the Women in Focus exhibition.

The Portrait Gallery displays portraits in a variety of mediums and photography has become more prevalent in recent times.

After viewing Women in Focus the remainder of our time was spent in the rest of the gallery.

Various sporting identities were included with one prominent rugby union player displayed.

It has been a few years since I last visited the Portrait Gallery and it was an enjoyable visit.  Like all galleries only a fraction of the collection is on display at any time and it was with this thought that I bought this book.Now I can dip into the book and imagine I am at the Gallery. Each portrait is accompanied by the information relating to both the artist and the sitter. A potted look at Australia’s history and culture.

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