Finally done some framing.

It has taken some sporadic attempts but I have finally finished some framing that I have been meaning to do for quite some time.  These two are just propped up behind the bath at the moment.  I still haven’t worked out where I am going to hang them.

This one I only cut the mat to fit the Margaret Preston print and the frame.  The frame was bought on sale at Spotlight.

These two are finished for my daughter but the third I still have to cut the frame.

The next one I need to get some glass for it as it is quite a long print and the glass I have isn’t big enough.  I will visit the thrift shops regularly to see if I can pick up an old painting and use the glass.  The poster is of some of the books that were banned by the government here in Australia.  There was an exhibition about the books at the Australian Archives.

This little one is an artist’s business card and I really liked the painting so decided to make a frame for it.  It now sits on the shelf behind the toilet.

Obviously this one is not framed in any form.  I found this ink sketch in an antique shop in Briagalong.  The sketch has a fold line on it as it was in a frame when I bought it.  There was no framing mat, it was just up against the frame.  I loved the simplicity of the sketch so I bought it to reframe.  I will post when I get around to finishing the unfinished pieces.

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  1. sarasinart says:

    You sure are multi-talented!

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