Hubbard squash and the end result


When we were on our recent bike ride we came across a roadside stall that was selling various vegetables and we stopped on our way home to buy some vegetables. One of the vegetables was Hubbard squash.  I hadn’t heard of this vegetable before.  I had heard of squash but not this particular kind.  It is a massive squash with an extremely hard exterior.  I didn’t realise the exterior was so hard until it came time to prepare it. I had to go online to find out what was the best method for chopping the squash. I decided, for safety’s sake to let my husband do the cutting as I am not as careful as he is.  The squash skin is even harder than a Queensland Blue pumpkin.  Online you can see people attack the squash with various implements but my favourite was dropping the squash from a balcony onto a sharp rock below.Hubbard squash is a member of the Cucurbita maxima family of winter squash, which also includes banana squash, kabocha squash, and turban squash. You will likely find Hubbard squash in one of two colors: greyish blue or bright orange. Although markedly different on the outside, this is where dissimilarities end between these two varieties. On the inside, they are otherwise identical. And the inside is the good part. The golden, beta-carotene-rich flesh of the Hubbard squash is smooth, slightly sweet, and satisfyingly starchy.

I decided to make Laksa after one of my riding companions posted a recipe she was going to use with her Hubbard squash. Donna Hay Tofu and pumpkin Laksa

I was busy finishing off making some more tomato sauce so I had prepared all the ingredients ready for when it was time for the Laksa.

It was delicious.

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