A muffin recipe that didn’t work


This looks good enough to eat? I thought so but the actual taste is not so good.  When I was making the muffins, my husband commented on the amount of oil that was going into the recipe and I told him that most of my muffin recipes use a fair amount of oil.  Well with this one the end result was far too oily.

I received the figs from a friend and the last few were ready to be eaten and I thought muffins would be a good thing.  It ends up that I have wasted the figs and other ingredients in a failed muffin recipe.

Here is the recipe which I will not be using again.  It did look delicious on the website where I found it.

Maybe the fact that I used plain flour instead of wholemeal flour was why the muffins were so oily.  Perhaps the wholemeal flour soaks up the oil.  I am not going to try this one again to find out.


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