Memories jolted by desktop photo


The desktop on my home computer has a flow of photos which have been loaded onto the computer over the years.  Yesterday one of the photos that came on the screen was this one.

It is an aerial photo of the village where I grew up.  The village is Ladybank, Fife and the photo was probably taken sometime in the 1960s.  Seeing the photo on the desktop rekindled so many memories.

I am heading back to Scotland for a visit in August and we will be visiting the Hebrides and Shetland plus a trip down from Caithness to Glasgow.

Although I have lived in Australia since I was sixteen I have so many wonderful memories of my early years in Scotland.

I have also just discovered a website Robin A Crawford – writer.  It is a blog that has lots of interesting posts about the culture and natural heritage of Scotland.  Many of his posts are about peat and peat culture and that also rekindled memories of going peat cutting on my uncle’s croft in Boultach, Caithness.

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  1. Glorious days Heather, thanks so much for rekindling the sweet memories of simpler times.
    Whilst i havent commented on your posts much , Believe me, the family and others are uplifted by your wide ranging dissertations. I dont knit or crochet but always refer back to that adage of dads that ‘if i can’t fix it it cant be fixed’ Talking practical matters here, not ‘well known racing identities’ activities I share your interest in crime fiction and more so the 50s to now true crime Aus stories.
    Shetland et al going to be a rich trip. Happy Trails

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks George. Your comment is very much appreciated. I am having such a great time organising the trip. I have all sorted as far as Hebrides and Shetland, including our ferry trips and now I am on to the remainder which is a visit to Burrigle and the trip south to Glasgow.
      I am guessing you would have been a reader of Peter Temple who died recently.

  2. I have’nt come across Peter Temple as yet but I’ll keep an eye out in my thrift shop browsings.

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